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Window Washing in Falmouth

At Duchesney Window Cleaning in Falmouth, providing top-notch window cleaning services is our specialty. We understand that homeowners often attempt to clean their windows on their own, but often they are left with mixed results. This is through no fault of their own – window cleaning can be very difficult, and if not done properly, it can even cause damage to your window if you’re unsure how to deal with particularly stubborn dirt or water spots. Here are the some of the most common window cleaning mistakes, and how professional window cleaning services from Duchesney Window Cleaning in Falmouth can help:
  • Not using the right tools – Many homeowners try to make do with the tools they already have in their homes, but this often leads to streaks and poor results. The best way to clean windows is to use a squeegee and professional-grade microfiber along with the proper solutions. Also, it is important to replace your towel when it becomes too dirty or can’t absorb any more dirt. Pushing dirt around from one spot to another isn’t going to help get your windows any cleaner.
  • Using the wrong amount of pressure – Many homeowners are afraid to apply too much pressure but washing your windows with the proper pressure is key. Too gently and you may not be able to break up the dirt and contaminants. Too hard and you risk damaging the glass. Using something more abrasive can leave scratches and scrubbing too hard may even break the glass. Experience and training are the two best ways to ensure that no matter what kind of glass you’re cleaning, you’re getting the best results. So, hiring the window washing experts from Duchesney Window Cleaning in Falmouth, is the best option for your windows.
  • Using the wrong solutions – Soap can leave a film on your windows that creates water spots the next time it gets wet. Using the proper window cleaning tools is essential if you want your streak free shine to last. Duchesney Window Cleaning professional window washers use special cleaning solutions that are tough on dirt, but gentle on glass and the rest of your windows structures.
  • Not cleaning from the top down – One of the main mistakes homeowners make is not starting at the top and working their way down their windows when cleaning them. This often leads to streaks and missed areas and can be difficult to correct without hiring a professional window washing company in Falmouth such as Duchesney Window Cleaning.
  • Using a ladder when there is no need – If you have tall windows or windows that are above obstructions like shrubs or an air conditioner, it may be tempting to use a ladder to reach those high up spots. It isn’t worth the risk of falling and injuring yourself. Duchesney Window Cleaning professional window cleaners have the right tools that allow us to wash and clean windows that are multiple stories up without ever leaving the ground. At Duchesney Window Cleaning, we use a water-fed pole system that allows us to reach all those high up windows without risking anyone’s safety.
If you are making any of these mistakes, it is time to call in the professional window cleaning experts at Duchesney Window Cleaning in Falmouth. We will help you get your windows looking clean and streak-free in no time!

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